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    5th OCTOBER 2020, WUHAN/LONDON: 

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    Beyond Laboratory Ltd (Beyond Lab), a UK-based life sciences consultancy, appeared alongside China National Pharmaceutical Group and other China state-owned enterprises, as well as many listed companies such as Wuhan Humanwell Hi-tech Industry Co., Ltd., Zhongyuan Union Stem Cell Bioengineering, HEC Pharm, SonoScape Medical Corp, and CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., to sign 32 strategic agreements, with a cumulative total of 27.7 billion yuan, in a clear demonstration of the increasing confidence in the high quality development of Hubei Province as a Hubei's business environment.

    The strategic cooperation agreement between Beyond Lab and Wuhan Biolake will jointly establish a Sino-British health industry park in the UK and Wuhan Biolake. Dr Lei ZHOU, President of Beyond Lab Greater China, witnessed the signing ceremony.

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    The two parties will work together to introduce advanced medical technology projects and techniques from overseas, to establish an industrial joint promotion mechanism, and to build an in-depth cooperation platform across the fields of digital medicine, biomedicine, cell therapy, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and new-generation information technology.

    Beyond Lab in the UK will be responsible for coordinating the introduction and implementation of overseas projects, providing professional consultation, assisting in attracting investment and preparing for the establishment of overseas innovation centres and offshore incubation centres. Meanwhile, Wuhan Biolake will provide development spaces for these relevant projects, assist them in settlement procedures, support the cultivation and construction of their industrial ecosystem, and help them in applying for relevant preferential policies and financial subsidies.



    About Beyond Lab:

    Established in 2014, Beyond Lab is a UK-based consulting company, focused on life sciences, medical technology, medical equipment, medical care and drug research.  It is run by scientists with specific expertise in cancer, diabetes, neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, digital medicine and elderly care solutions. 

    The company's goal is to build a professional, barrier-free, and reliable win-win platform between Chinese and British investment institutions and medical technology companies.


    About Wuhan National Bio-industry Base:

    Wuhan National Bio-industry Base, also known as Biolake, is the second national-level industrial base to be built by China Biolake.  Biolake was established in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone -- also known as the Optics Valley of China in 2008 and today, it is one of the pillar industries of Optical Valley, attracting some 3,000 companies.

    At present, Biolake's seven industrial parks have formed an industrial cluster characterized by biomedicines, biomedical engineering, bioagriculture, precision medicine, smart medical care and bio services. Currently, they are vigorously promoting the construction of life and health parks to create a new bio-industry city integrating R&D, incubation, production, logistics, and well-being.

    In the past ten years, Biolake has been building an international professional park, investing in independent innovation, introducing cultivated market players, promoting the deep integration of capital and industry, optimising the comprehensive development environment, focusing on the enhancement of the core competitiveness of biomedicine, and accelerating the cross-border integration of biomedical engineering. They use modern biotechnology to enhance the roles of traditional agriculture in driving the development of the relevant fields, to advance the deployment of precise diagnosis and treatment, to introduce professional technical services, to promote the high-speed integration of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things with medical health, and to drive the biological industry to become one of the “dual engines” in the economic development of the East Lake High-tech Zone.

    Biolake has gathered more than 2,000 bio-enterprises in various fields, including eight of the world’s top 500 companies, 28 listed companies on the Main Board, and 28 listed companies on the NEEQ. They have also introduced 27 academic projects, 28 “National Thousand Talents Programme”, and 537 companies with high-level entrepreneurial teams from China and overseas. In the 2017, the National High-tech Zone Biomedical Industry Comprehensive Competitiveness Rankings (released by the China Biotechnology Development Centre of the Ministry of Science and Technology) ranked the comprehensive strength of the bio-industry of Biolake and its talent competitiveness third and first in the whole nation, respectively.

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    For further information:

    Rebecca Nelson, Beyond Lab


    +44 203 488 1222

    Bingmei Yang, Beyond Lab





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