Our services for target company and entrepreneur

As an investment consultancy company, we bridge the gap between enterprises and investors.

Below is a list of key services we provide to enterprises:

  1. Planning and Strategy
    Our investment consultants are experts in planning the best strategy for you to attract Chinese investors and achieve your fundraising goals. Our consultants have a strong scientific background and expertise. We will work with you to understand your cutting-edge products and technology, so that we can identify the unique selling points for Chinese investors. We can then recommend the right investors, who will help you towards achieving your financial objectives.

  2. Due Diligence
    Our consultants will help you to prepare the business and legal due diligence. Due to the difference between British and Chinese business and legal systems, our bilingual consultants and lawyers will provide translation and interrepration services to make sure the language and system differences will never be a barrier to the appropriate valuation of your business.

  3. Completion and Post-investment
    Our experienced consultants and lawyers will make sure the completion of investment goes as smoothly as possible. Most importantly, we will help you to build up a long-term partnership with your investors. Our consultants can also provide useful advice on marketing, distribution and sales of your products in China.